When my car was in its peak form. Circa 2011.
“Oh how the mighty fall..” – Ian Nguyen


Reading rage.

When my brother let me borrow his Kindle last week, I was pretty happy as I had planned to read a good amount over break. I opened it up, scrolled through the books and selected the first book that I recognized, which was the first Harry Potter book, The Sorcererererer’s Stone. Little did I know that I would be facking hooked in and on a reading rage over this series. I had planned to read self-development books, or some classics, autobiographies, etc. But now I’m reading about people flying on brooms, 3 headed dogs, and evil wizards and shit. I feel like I was transported back to 3rd grade, sitting on the ground in Ms. Amsbary’s class, mystified and fully encapsulated into the story as she would read us a chapter a day from the book after lunch, but whatever, shits dope.

I finished off the first book at like 4 am this morning, and then just finished off the second book now in a little bit under 5 hours. My bro has all the HP books on the Kindle and I’m determined to finish it all by by the end of next week lol. I feel like a kid but, I feel that Harry Potter is something that many people in this generation relate to and reference. Its a classic in a sense, and I feel that I’ve missed out, so yeaaah thats my justification.

Gunna head to Riverside to work on my car a bit, then… Buttonwillow.